The following table compares Gold Lock 3GTM with several competing products offered around the world:


Gold Lock 3GTM Competitors
Manufacturer Origin Israel USA, UK, Europe, Outsourced from India
Licensed by a governmental entity Israeli Ministry of Defense
Tried and penetration tested by worldwide hackers
Tested by 3rd party companies in the field of interception
AES 256 Bit Symmetric Encryption Algorithm
Elliptic Curve 384 Bits Asymmetric Encryption Algorithm
16,384 Bit Proprietary Authentication Algorithm
Session key automatically changing every few seconds
Visible hash code preventing Man in the middle attacks
Web interface for managing unlimited user defined closed groups of handsets
Support and inter-compatibility for all of the following platforms:

    • Symbian (Nokia)
    • Blackberry
    • iPhone
    • Android

Windows XP

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
Encrypts Voice
Encrypts Text Chats Partially Supported
Encrypts file transfer for any type of file Partially Supported
Encrypts SMS Messages Partially Supported
Supports PBX, Fixed Phones, SIP Phones Partially Supported
Hides your phone number
Enables secure calls without a SIM card inside the phone
Enables secure calls from pre-paid SIM cards (no identification by the carrier)
Enables all types of licenses: Periodic (monthly, yearly, multiple-yearly) or Life Time (perpetual).
Works when CSD Data Calls are not supported by the carrier Partially Supported
Supported on all worldwide networks (Internet Enabled)
Supports international calls and roaming all over the world
Supports calls via satellite (where cellular reception is not available) Partially Supported
License Cost Includes Free Support
License Cost Includes Free Software Upgrades
Encryption system can be remotely disabled in case the device is stolen or lost
Customer can transfer license to a new device (an unlimited number of times)
Pure software solution, absolutely no need for:

  • Extra Hardware
  • Phone Hardware Modifications
  • Physical Dongles
  • Bluetooth Dongles
Partially Supported
Modular, Flexible System, customizations available according to customer requirements. Partially Supported
Manufacturer contractually committing to no back doors in the system
Optional – Self contained system, customer hosts their own dedicated server