$250,000 Cash Prize Offered
5000+ Hackers & Spies Competing
No Winners.
And Frankly, We’re Not Surprised.
On November 1st 2009, we used a commonly available packet sniffer to record both sides of a 10-minute encrypted telephone conversation between two of our staff members.This recording was made with their full knowledge.
And Then The Fun Began

We issued a worldwide challenge to crypto experts, hackers and spies inviting them to download the conversation, decrypt it, and send us back a transcript.

The prize: U.S. $250,000 in Gold and a position working with us here at Gold Lock

More than 5,000 people and companies responded.
More than 5,000 people and companies failed.

We knew that would happen of course.
That’s because every Gold Lock encryption product is developed and maintained by our team of more than 30 security software developers, tactical mathematicians, and military-trained strategic encryption analysts. Hackers try to keep up with us, but they never do.We’ve been telling our customers since 2003 that Gold Lock encryption software and cellular communications devices offer the best defence against all types of interception attacks.

And Now We’ve Proven It.

In a world where industrial espionage, kidnapping for profit, and terrorist activities are common events, you can’t afford to share your secrets.

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